Actual health emergency, caused by the diffusion of Covid-19 all over the world, has stimulated our R&D department to look for customizable technological solutions, suitable to improve our safety in everyday life. With these premises, the HEALTHY VISUAL product line was born: integrated visual and access control systems, designed to make entrance and activity life in public places safe. 

HEALTHY VISUAL is equipped with an integrated thermal imaging camera for automatic temperature measurement, face recognition, mask presence control, information LED display to regulate access, queue elimination system, audible alarm and/or blocking of the entrance in case of unsuitability for the 'access. HEALTHY VISUAL; a range of access way to be installed at the entrances of the spaces, open to the public and able to control body temperature, perform facial recognition, check the presence of the mask and count people inside the premises. The HEALTHY VISUAL access points are available in different versions, suitable for use in all situations where the turnout of the public must be monitored, such as: small and large commercial establishments, professional offices, medical offices, pharmacies, waiting rooms, gyms, bars and restaurants; cinemas, theaters, exhibition rooms, museums and common areas; stations, subways, ports and airports.

HEALTHY VISUAL is made whit stainless steel and is available in the Basic or Banner version, with optional bracket for the sanitizing gel dispenser and / or disposable gloves.