Electronic boards for Led 7 segment displays, DIGIT series; available character height 100 - 150 - 250mm, automatic brightness control; 24Vdc power supply, power consumption starting from about 3W, different Led colours  available, Master / Slave configuration.

DIGIT series electronic board have IP00 protection, are supplied with wiring connections, without box, to be more easily integrated into OEM customer's systems; available with high brightness Led for indoor or outdoor applications in red, amber (yellow), green, blue and white colours.

The commands can be sent to the Digit Master board via opto-isolated N.O. contact, remote control or RS485 serial line, the processor on the Digit Master, will drive the signals to the Digit Slaves in order to correctly display required number, is possible to use different height character electronic boards of  DIGIT series togheter up to a maximum of 15 Digits.

DIGIT series electronic boards are ideal for the construction of counter, thermometers, cronometer, scoreboards, measuring instruments and in all field that require the display of physical quantities.