Single or double blinking traffic light Led bulb, 200 or 300 mm traffic light diameter with E27 Edison socket, designed to replace normal incandescent bulbs in traffic light blinking systems.

Led bulbs TRL.200.LAMP.1S and TRL.300.LAMP.1S are auto-blinking item, do not need other control unit, sufficient power supply for auto-blinking.

Led bulbs TRL.200.LAMP.2S and TRL.300.LAMP.2S are synchronous auto-blinking item, supplied in Master and Slaver version, do not need other control unit, simply connect power supply and supplied connection cable for auto-blinking.

Led lamp can be installed in all 200 or 300mm traffic light by easy replacing the incandescent bulb with new Led lamp with E27 Edison socket; traffic lights must not be changed.

It helps to improve road safety thanks to the high luminous efficiency, it completely eliminates ghosting effect; longer life against ordinary bulbs with lower power consumption by up to 80%, reducing management cost.