Ultrasonic vehicle presence detector and courtesy traffic-light for guidance to the nearest free place in a parking. Ultrasonic detector, series TRL.RVL, allows contactless control, counting and signalling the presence of a car in a stall inside a parking.

TRL.RVL is the first component of guidance & addressing parking assistant system; available in Stand Alone or serial RS485 version for driving numerical and graphic display.

TRL.RVL.SEM, Led lighting signal supplyed with ultrasonic sensor, is equipped whit multicolour RGB optic with 360° view.

TRL.RVL could be programmed for different optical indication as below:

  • Red signal: occupied park
  • Green signal: free generic park
  • Violet signal: free women reserved park
  • Blu signal: free disabled reserved park
  • Yellow signal: free booked park