Epsilon Electronic System s.r.l., over 20 years of history in electronic design and electronic production.

Epsilon Electronic System s.r.l. based in Turin, was founded in 1997; began its activity as an electronic production and electronic design company, for firms operating in the civil and industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally.

The gained experience in these first years of activity in Led management, has been important for creation of the first Epsilon Electronic System brand products; in 2001, the first Led traffic lights and Led displays for signaling were born. The sold of these products has allowed the company to present itself on the market with its own brand and an innovative product.

The technologies innovation, the development in the Led field and new Led components; make available to company R&D department new design possibilities: chapter dedicated to Led lighting opens. Inside company, in Epsilon Electronic System Turin laboratories, the design and construction of the first prototypes of Led lighting systems, with white light begins.

In 2003 the first Led lamps for lighting were born; and, in 2005 the company exhibited its creations for the first time at Euroluce, the international lighting fair; the design becomes a new characteristics of Epsilon Electronic System's products; LELIDE Led Light Design brand is born.

In 2017, for 20th anniversary years, the company makes brands restyling (Epsilon and Lelide) and, in order to further improve the design and production processes, decides to invest in professional 3D printing.