Led lighting and lighting design for contract, B2B and B2C. Design and production of: Led strips and Led bars, Led spotlights and spotlights, Led steps, Led lights and wall Led lamps, Led lighting design, Led ‘tailoring’ lighting, Led lighting for walkways, gardens and parks, Led lighting for museums and exhibitions, special Led lighting for door entry panels, lift cabins and industrial machines, lighting systems for medical devices, Led battery rechargeable external lighting systems, electronic drivers and Led power supplies. We also offer: an accurate service of traditional and Led lighting design, lighting calculation and dimensioning of lighting.


Epsilon Electronic System design and make different kind of products in visual comunication field, particulay: Led traffic light bulbs, alphanumerical and graphic Led display, numerical Led display, Led digital clock, Led digital counter, Led multicolor RGB display, parking Led display and electronic systems for parking guidance assistance, ultrasonic sensors for vehicle detection presence, Led andon display, Led electronic signs and taylor made Led electronic equipment.

Our company design and produce: Led traffic light and Led signal bulbs, Led display and Led visualisation, display and electronic parking systems, parking guidance systems and and free parking space counters, escape room displays and Led signs. Our company offer also following services: electronic design and electronic production, design and production of equipment and wiring, printed circuit board engineering and assembly of electronic boards, parametric testing and functional testing, customs firmware and customs software; Professional 3D printing service with FDM wire technology and 3D mechanical drawing.